Upcoming Live Webinars

25 May - Closing the loop

Streamline - comply - quality assure
Find out what common compliance gaps are for RTOs when it comes to continuous improvement frameworks and feedback loops within an RTO's quality system

26 May - Strategies for VET students with autism 

Delve into practical ways to support students who think differently

1 June - Gamification crash course 

Learn how to inject fun into your training designs by using game mechanics and techniques to engage and motivate people

14 June - Management of RTO complaints and appeals 

Ways to align practice with the requirements in Standard 6

22 June - Writing reliable benchmarks

Explore ways to add inter- and intra-assessor reliability to your assessment tools through the benchmarks you write

2 Aug - Putting L.I.F.E. into your eLearning 

Use this framework to ensure your e-learning is well structured and designed to promote engagement

4 Aug - The virtual trainer's first aid kit - 11 ways to manage difficult behaviour in online learning 

This is the session that gives all trainers working in the online space a 'First Aid Kit' with proven strategies to minimise difficult behaviours and their effect

Learn how to create an online course with guidance and full support from the course facilitators. Put your name down for the next intake OR register and start today in a self-paced mode with mentoring along the way
Looking for ways to help students embed learning? Consider an approach which requires them to be active participants in their course. Learn how with this Active Learning course on active learning!
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