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Knowing how to create a precise and accurate mapping document is a key step in supporting the RTO’s compliance approach

Practical ways to build in mechanisms to the design of online assessments to reduce the risk of assessing online

Find out what's going on with RTO sales right now - This session is an absolute must if you're in the market to buy or sell an RTO

How to correctly collect and store the assessment evidence so that it meets the requirements of the Standards, and, if applicable, funding bodies

A special 90-minute session to run through the process of creating the mandatory 5-year validation plan and for audience questions about the process steps

Strategies to implement digital literacy development activities into your training programs

Learn how to conduct a validation of mapping exercise to ensure the assessment is properly covering the unit of competency evidence requirements

Examine the complexities that wrap around assessment development for VET as well as some of the simple instructional design techniques to apply to avoid common pitfalls

5 things you need to know if you’re thinking about developing an accredited course plus the top five misconceptions about these training products - busted!

Special 90min webinar to address changes triggered by Training Package updates with particular focus on how to recognise and document vocational competency and equivalence

Reduce the risk to your RTO by confirming your tools contain these top 5 things - the very things a validator will be looking for

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Evidence of your PD activities can go toward meeting compliance obligations under Clauses 1.13c and 1.16 of The Standards for RTOs 2015.  

Document your Skills Education activities with this comprehensive template designed to guide you in the process.  

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