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Education Matters Learning and Resources Hub

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6 Dec - Top Tips for a Terrific TAS 

Without a clear and accurate picture of what the RTO is doing/will do, compliance issues will arise at your next regulatory audit. Find out how to capture the correct details to create a clear TAS

Our 2024 PD Calendar coming soon!

Topics to keep an eye out for:

  1. Developing young VET learners' 'learning how to learn' (metacognitive) skills - Feb
  2. Using explicit teaching strategies to support young VET learners - Feb 
  3. Structured learning strategies to support young VET learners' success - March 
  4. The importance of trainer understanding their students - Trainer Chat April

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Topic categories to support education, training and quality operations 

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RPL Matters Community of Learning

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RPL Matters - Australian Community of Learning 

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Pre-assessment Validation Services

Hassle-free compliance support

Load and Go
Pre-assessment Validation Services 

Get our qualified VET experts to conduct a pre-assessment validation on your assessment materials to ensure all unit of competency evidence requirements are met

Learning Programs and Microcredentials

Earn credentials in high-interest topics

Guided learning and advanced development

Advanced RPL Credentials 

Earn a micorcredential and get your professional practice verified via the Learn and Assess or Assessment-only options of these programs covering advanced concepts for RPL Toolkit development

A fully supported learning program is also available as professional development in the underpinning knowledge required for concepts of user-friendly RPL tools and/or clustered assessment tools

See all details on the Advanced RPL Credentials page

Free info session on the Advanced RPL Credential programs 

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Short Courses - Ready to take now

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How to create a mapping document for your assessment tools 

This short course explains the reasons for why a precise, accurate mapping document is valuable to the RTO's compliance and quality systems. It shows steps to create a useful framework to house evidence of how assessment tools meet unit requirements 

How to create the random sample required for validation of assessment judgements 

This short course defines the basic statistical terms and processes used in the calculation of a statistically valid sample. It shows the steps to create a random sample suitable for use in the validation of assessment judgements

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Pre-assessment validation services

AI as a Tool in Education

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Capability Frameworks

Recent Sector Updates

Recording of Update from DEWR session 

An update from DEWR on the industry engagement reforms, the JSCs and the interim arrangements for the TAE and FSK Training Packages

Hosted 21.4.23

Recording of Update from DEWR session 

An update from DEWR on the draft revised Standards for RTOs

Hosted 27.10.23