By popular demand... Education Matters PRO!

Education Matters PRO was added based on great feedback about our Education Matters Learning and Resources Hub. 

People have told us they are keen for Education Matters plus access to on-demand PD content.

With this annual subscription, you get:

 ⭐ All the benefits of Education Matters - explore the hundreds of curated and created resources in the Education Matters Hub

 ⭐ Easy, convenient access to sessions for all your PD compliance needs 

 ⭐ Flexibility to choose a PD session recording that suits you, when it suits you

 ⭐ Access to sessions in the Skills Education PD Library*

 ⭐ 'Certificates' that can be triggered each time you complete a PD session 

 ⭐ Immediate access to over $10,300 worth of content relevant to educators and Australian VET practitioners      

 ⭐ On 1.7.24, Education Matters will be $350 p.a. That means with PRO, you'll get Education Matters plus a whole library of recordings for less than the cost of 6 individual webinars @$60 ea. So the math works out to be: $700 - $350 = $350; equal to 'Education Matters' + $29/mth to access the PD Library for a whole year!

💰 Talk to us about the sliding scale for group enrolments - save on TAE PD for your RTO's team

*Note that the PD Library does not include upcoming live webinar events. Recordings from live webinar events from May 2023 onwards will not be included in EM Pro until 2024. Short courses and bespoke courses are not included in this subscription tier.

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