Useful Tools and Templates

No need to re-invent the wheel with these robust materials designed by experts.

Access compliance templates ready for contextualisation and use in your RTO - support your team and quality system.

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Accredited Courses

Accredited Course Monitoring Survey - Template


Choosing a VET Consultant - Checklist

Compliance Checklist for AQF Certification Documentation Requirements


Assessment Mapping Template

Assessment QA Checklist

Compliant Assessments within a Quality Assessment System (Complimentary) - Info Sheet

Checklist for Managing Plagiarism and Cheating for Online Assessments - Template

Creating Assessments that Work - Info Sheet

Framework for Assessment Marking Guide - Template

Get Ready for Assessment - Checklist

Mapping Checklist

Observation Checklists - Template

Observation Checklist for Evidence Collected by a Third Party - Framework Template

Quick Tips for a Good Mapping Outcome

Tip Sheet: Developing Observation Checklists 


Session Plan – Delivery and Assessment Overview: Unit by unit basis  - Template

Internal Review

Record of QA Check on Assessment and Learning Materials  - Template

Quality System

Compliance Checklist: Complaints and Appeals Processes  

Compliance Checklist: RTO Marketing Materials  

Condensed Overview of Equivalency: New BSB Qualifications (Complimentary) - Info Sheet

Continuous Improvement Register  - Template

Student Support

Student Study Support Tool - Template and Guide

Work Placement Record Book - Template and framework to create a record of hours and evidence from vocational placement


Developing a Customised TAS - Info Sheet

TAS Template - Template

TAS Template and Expert Review - Product Combo

Trainer / Assessor

Trainer / Assessor Matrix (Profile) - Template

VET Practitioner Record of Professional Development - Complimentary - Template

Vocational Competency/Unit Equivalence Mapping Tool - Template

Transition Arrangements

Checklist for re-purposing existing assessment tools when transitioning to a new unit - Template
Transition Arrangements (Complimentary) - Info Sheet

Transition Plan - Template


Assessment Judgement Validation Review Report - Template

Big Book of kNOw

Managing Validation of Judgements Checklist - Template

Validation Plan - Template

Validation Plan and Expert Review - Product Combo

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