New and Updated Tools

These tools have been developed or updated to reflect compliance requirements due to early changes to the Standards for RTOs 2015 and/or revised Standards for RTOs


Changes to Trainer/Assessor Requirements inc. Self-assessment Checklists - Information booklet on the changes and self-assessment checklists

Developing a Framework for Supervision of Vocational Trainers - PD module on the elements of trainer supervision requirements and implications of the continuum of experience on supervisory considerations

Observation of a Trainer Under Supervision - 2 x Templates to evidence trainer effectiveness in face-to-face / live online delivery; Self-reflection sheet also included for further development

Record of Supervision Conversation - Template to evidence structured, targeted supervision conversations between the supervising trainer/assessor and the trainer working under their guidance

Supervision Arrangements - TAE Qualifications - Information sheet, template and self-assessment checklists

Supervision Arrangements - Vocational Qualifications - Information sheet, template and self-assessment checklists

Trainer/Assessor Matrix - Template to record how your personal trainer profile meets requirements to deliver and/or assess VET

Trainer Competency and Currency Bundle - Templates and guides for vocational competence equivalency mapping, trainer matrix and VET PD record

Training Under Supervision Pack - Information sheet, templates and self-assessment checklists to cover vocational and TAE qualifications

Use of Industry Expert Matrix and Approval Record  - Template to document arrangements for when an RTO uses industry experts to assist in training and assessment

Vocational Competency and Equivalence Mapping Tool  -  Information sheet, template, tip sheet and worked example. Suitable for vocational trainers/assessors and trainers working under supervision

Vocational Competency and Equivalence Mapping Tool with Use of Industry Expert: Matrix and Approval Record - Everything in the vocational competency/unit equivalence mapping tool PLUS a template to record the involvement of Industry Experts

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Accredited Courses

Accredited Course Monitoring Survey - Template


Choosing a VET Consultant - Checklist

Compliance Checklist for AQF Certification Documentation Requirements

Effective RTO Administration Task Completion - Checklist


Agreement for Evidence Collection

Assessment Mapping Template

Assessment QA Checklist

Assessing RPL with Confidence Checklist

Assessment Templates Suite

Compliant Assessments within a Quality Assessment System  - Info Sheet

Creating Assessments that Work - Info Sheet with tips to help

Framework for Assessment Marking Guide - Template

Get Ready for Assessment - Checklist

Mapping Checklist

Observation Checklists - Template

Observation Checklist for Evidence Collected by a Third Party - Framework Template

Quick Tips for a Good Mapping Outcome

Tip Sheet: Developing Observation Checklists 

Unit Outcome Record - Template for unit sign off sheet

Writing Reliable Benchmarks - Info sheet  


Delivery (including online)

Checklist for Creating Real-World Training Environments  - Template

Checklist for Managing Plagiarism and Cheating for Online Assessments  - Template

Collecting online evidence checklist - Template

Designing Online Quizzes Summary Guide - Template

Guide to Blended Training - Resource

Guide to delivering theory effectively online - Resource

Guide to making even the dullest content engaging - Resource

Session Plan – Delivery and Assessment Overview: Unit by unit basis  - Template

Tips for training and assessing online - Resource

Using online quizzes  - Template

Digital Literacy Skills

Guide to Developing Cert IV TAE Students' Digital Literacy Skills - Resource

Guide to Developing Students' Digital Literacy Skills - Resource

Key Fundamentals for Ensuring Trainers Can Use a Range of Digital Technologies - Resource

Substitute technologies to create a social media experience in the learning environment - Resource


Internal Review

Record of QA Check on Assessment and Learning Materials  - Template for internal review on assessment materials

Website compliance checklist - Check common pain points to confirm your RTO's website meets compliance requirements 


Quality System

Compliance Checklist: Complaints and Appeals Processes  

Compliance Checklist: RTO Marketing Materials  

Condensed Overview of Equivalency: New BSB Qualifications  - Info Sheet

Continuous Improvement Register  - Template

RTO Policies and Procedures Checklist


Student Support

Checklist to successfully engage Gen Z learners - Resource

Guide to building students' resilience through explicit teaching and learning strategies - Resource

Guide to developing young VET learners' 'learning how to learn' (aka metacognitive skills) - Resource 

Guide to using explicit teaching to support young VET learners - Resource *NEW

Info Sheet: More on Clause 1.7 - Learner Support - Info sheet and guidance checklist

Student Study Support Tool - Template and Guide

Workplace Participation Consent Form (CHC33015) - Template to seek and record approval to participate in the workplace, including interact with clients
Work Placement Record Book - Template and framework to create a record of hours and evidence from vocational placement


Developing a Customised TAS - Info Sheet

TAS Template - Template

TAS Template and Expert Review - Product Combo

Trainer / Assessor

Framework as Guidance to Complete a Trainer Matrix - Info Sheet Resource

Trainer / Assessor Matrix (Profile) - Template

Trainer Competency and Currency Bundle - Template suite

Supervision Arrangements - Vocational Qualifications - Template **NEW

VET Practitioner Record of Professional Development - Template

VET Trainer Mentoring Plan - Template

Vocational Competency/Unit Equivalence Mapping Tool - Template


Transition Arrangements

Checklist for re-purposing existing assessment tools when transitioning to a new unit - Template
Transition Arrangements - Info Sheet

Transition Plan - Template


Assessment Judgement Validation Review Report - Template

Auditor/Validator Top 5 Confirmation Checklist - Checklist and Tip Sheet 
Big Book of kNOw - Reference Resource
Managing Validation of Judgements Checklist - Template
Pre-use Validation of Assessment Tools - Template
Validation Plan - Template
Validation Plan and Expert Review - Product Combo

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