• How do I get my certificate?

    All certificates are issued from your Skills Education profile. Log in to your dashboard and ensure your course is 100% complete to trigger the Record of Participation.

    There are instructions in your dashboard for how to do this if you're unsure.

    On the rare occasion a session is not eligible for a certificate, this will have been advertised.

  • How long do the sessions go for?

    Unless explicitly mentioned as otherwise, live webinar sessions are scheduled to run for about 1 hour.

    All recordings for on-demand viewing have the approximate time listed on the event page.

  • I want to register for a few people and pay at once using one credit card – how can I do this?

    We acknowledge this is a limitation from the platform vendor. As the site is set up to have a dashboard tailored for each registrant, it is geared for ‘personal shopping’ and individual payment.

    We have a manual workaround - for registrations of 4+ people at once to the same session, email us at info@skillseducation.com.au

    We will require you to provide the full names and email addresses of each person and the session for which you want to register. We’ll send you instructions and a link specifically for your registration.

  • I registered but missed the live session - what options do I have?

    The great news is that included in the ticket price is access to the recording for the set time frame.

    Log in to your Skills Education dashboard to view the recording and retrieve any applicable handouts that might be available. Remember that access is time-limited and all registrants are responsible for accessing their purchase within the set timeframe

  • I registered for a live session but now realise I'll be training at that time. Can I get a refund?

    Similar to the answer to the FAQ above, luckily, your registration includes access to the recording for the set time frame. A change of mind or schedule does not constitute grounds for a refund.

    See our Ts and Cs page for further clarification if required.

  • Time Zones

    All Skills Education live sessions are listed in AEST - which is Qld time. Ensure you check the AEST compared to your local and/or daylight saving time (AEDT / ACT etc).
    You can check the time conversions at this handy link.

  • Can you send me an invoice?

    Our site is set up to be a self-serve option where you can select and pay for sessions you want to attend.

    We would not typically send an invoice for a single registration to a single webinar.

    If you are wanting to register for multiple sessions at once, or to book for multiple people to the same event, in some cases, we may be able to issue an invoice.

    (From our Ts and Cs page)

    "In some cases, where approved, an invoice can be issued for registration of multiple attendees from one organisation. Once payment has been confirmed, enrollment and access to session will be triggered.

    For individuals wanting an invoice issued for company payment, we will accommodate where possible and at our discretion. In lieu of this, our suggestion is to purchase and seek reimbursement through your usual organisational channels."

  • Can I order tickets for multiple people from my RTO to one event?

    Of course! Our site is set up to have a profile for each participant so a Record of Participation can be issued to support any compliance and/or record of PD requirements.

    Additionally, for live events, each person attending will have a separate registration in Zoom. This means each person needs to be registered individually as usual, or for 5+ people from the one organisation, email us and we'll discuss options available.

    We may send a special link to pay through the website or, issue an invoice. On confirmation of direct deposit on invoice, we'll create the registrations behind the scenes for you.

    (Similar to FAQ: I want to register for a few people and pay at once using one credit card – how can I do this?)

  • Why can't I access the handouts or recording?

    All sessions where handouts are available will have those resources attached to the course and will be visible under your profile/dashboard.

    Courses remain active for a set period of time so ensure you access handouts and recordings during that timeframe - which is advertised on the course page and mentioned on our Ts and Cs page.

    Everyone who is an active subscriber to Specialised VET Services has an active account on the Skills Education website which means they will be able to see available materials for any course in which they are enrolled.

  • Do we get a copy of the slides?

    Not always. It depends on what handouts the presenter has prepared for the session.

    We respect the presenter's prerogative to deal with (and share) their IP how they see fit.

    The session replay will be available to view for the nominated timeframe which will allow you to take any extra notes you want to add to any supplied handouts.

  • Do I have to be a 'member' or 'subscriber' to access special prices?

    No. We don't charge membership fees, instead, offering competitively priced PD to everyone.

  • Can I register for someone on their behalf?

    As long as you have their permission to do so, there's no issue at our end for this to happen. Ensure all attendee details (including spelling and punctuation of names) is accurate and you'll be good to go.

    Be aware that the name and email entered on registration will be issued the Zoom links, tax invoice and Record of Participation.

  • Are there discounts for large groups?

    For 15+ registrants from one organisation to the same event, yes, we will issue a specially priced invoice. Like all manual registration requests, once payment is confirmed, we can process the enrolments for you

  • I missed registering for a free session and now it's listed as a paid event?

    On occasion, we can offer complimentary registration for live sessions.

    As a limited special offer, these may be offered at no charge for registrants to attend the live session. A nominal fee is applied to these sessions post-event for future registrations to access the recording.

  • Do you take requests for sessions?

    Yes! Our program is built in response to what people tell us they want to / need to know about. If there's a topic you'd like to see covered, and it's not in the current live session schedule or Watch It Now library, let us know

  • Why can't I get in to the session?

    Ensure you check the following:
    1) you have the Zoom client on your computer
    2) you are logging in with the same email as used to register for the session
    3) you are logging into Zoom webinar, not any default meeting setting that might be on your device
    4) you have the correct time
    5) you have an active subscription to Specialised VET Services and Skills Education profile.

    All Skills Education sessions are in Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST - You can check the time conversions at this handy link.

    Ensure you have read the instructions on your profile dashboard - first communicated and visible at time of registration.

    See our Ts and Cs page to confirm the terms and conditions of use, including ongoing use, of this site.

  • Important Notice

    Information and views of presenters are their own and not necessarily those of Skills Education.

    Information delivered as part of a professional development event (especially compliance-related content) should not take the place of professional advice and/or consultancy services tailored to your specific circumstance.

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