Skills Education is part of Specialised VET Services and is the part of our business that offers professional development (PD) opportunities for educators.

We have a small but dedicated team focused on bringing our program and sector updates to our audience.

Our mission is to support success in VET and education, and this means anything related to learning, teaching, training, TAE, technology, VET, RTO operations, foundation skills, compliance issues and tips, student support and business growth is on our radar and in our program.

We offer a platform for expert presenters to deliver PD activities and events and are proud to acknowledge that in our first year, we hosted 54 webinars for attendee audience numbers in the 1000s. Our program offerings continue to expand as we remain focused on topics relevant to educators and people working in Australia's Vocational Education and Training sector.

We pride ourselves on offering quality sessions relevant to what RTOs, trainers and assessors and educators need to know. On occasion, we also have the opportunity to offer complimentary sessions to further support our audience.

In addition to PD events, we offer a range of relevant templates and tools that RTOs can implement as part of their quality system.

If there's something you'd like to see considered for inclusion in our program, please let us know. You can complete this quick form or send us an email at

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