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Join the Community of Learning (COL) to connect with others nationally and internationally in the RPL space, to share and extend your knowledge about more efficient, effective, candidate-centred RPL practices being developed and used across a broad range of cohorts.

Help shape the Community

During the initial phases of establishing the RPL Matters COL, we will consult with those who attend on what they would like as features and programs to be provided as part of the COL.

6 months no charge!

And, until the end of December 2023, we're offering no charge for the first 6 months for anyone who signs up for membership before 31.12.23.  

That's right, come along, learn and contribute for the first six months; see if the COL is going to support and extend your RPL knowledge (and skill). Cancel anytime before the 6 month anniversary of your sign up and no charges will be made to your credit card. (Regular payments begin the day after your 6 months ends - see full Ts and Cs here).

Otherwise, the introductory rate of $110 per annum is a pretty good deal to get access to a:

  • Resource hub which will house resources, links and materials to support your development of RPL knowledge
  • Shared community space for online discussions
  • Calendar of live Zoom meetups for group discussions and case studies
  • Calendar of international and national RPL specialist guest speakers
  • Program built on requests by COL members

We want to encourage this space as one in which trainers / assessors in VET (and others from further afield!) can come together to:

  • Share experience and learnings
  • Discuss current issues and challenges with RPL
  • Ask questions
  • Keep up-to-date on bodies of work being done in relation to RPL
  • Hear from people willing to share case studies and other outcomes of practical implementation of RPL processes (nominate below if you'd like to share some of your own experience)

The COL will be hosted and facilitated by Skills Education with support from Wendy Cato, a pre-eminent figure in the Australian RPL space. 

However, we intend the direction, outcomes and content of upcoming sessions to be shaped by members of the group. 

If you are from either of the following, you have automatic, complimentary ongoing access to RPL Matters membership:

All Education Matters and Education Matters PRO subscribers are gifted 12 months membership. So why not register for Education Matters and get 1 year of RPL Matters for free?

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Here's what we know about RPL...

  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a current ASQA risk priority. Go beyond compliance issues to discuss and share ideas and best-practice approaches with others in the RPL space
  • RPL is an advanced assessor skill and not all assessors report feeling confident to conduct RPL. Build confidence and learn from others
  • Australia is in the midst of a skills shortage, and requirements to formally recognise informal learning are growing. Join the discussions on practices and ways to conduct the process
  • There is a great emphasis on better RPL practices being used for skills recognition of overseas skills labour. Find out more and how to better service this market
  • Smart HE providers will start to evaluate their recognition practices. Stay ahead of the curve
  • Having skills and knowledge recognised matters - RPL matters!

Keen to share?

If you would like to register to be a guest presenter within the COL, please complete this quick survey

It will ask for a brief overview of your RPL experience and the topic of what you propose to share. Note that the 'sharing' does not require a professional/formal presentation, but you will need to feel comfortable to speak in front of others - for anything from 10 to 20 minutes 

Member of the Community will 'upvote' the topics


Friday 1 December 2023, 1pm AEST (Qld time)

  • Inaugural meeting - welcome, shaping RPL Matters
  • Guest speakers from METS Training Services will share their recent success implementing an RPL process that allowed a cohort of 15 in the Certificate III in Individual Support qualification to be completed in just under 6 weeks
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