Who's up for some friendly competition?

To round out the 2023 year we invited people to come along for some end-of-year fun (and maybe some sneaky VET PD). We hosted a Kahoot! session where we built a series of questions about TAE Matters and other general knowledge brain benders. 

Overwhelming, 100% of players on the day said "yes" they enjoyed the event and "yes" they'd like to do it again. So we are!

It's TAE Trivia Time!

TAE Trivia is part of the 2024 Skills Education calendar and we'll be having the events at 1pm AEST (Qld time) on:

  • Friday 3 May - May the 4th be with you (soon)

  • Friday 12 July - Just July

  • Friday 13 September - Friday the 13th Black Friday

  • Friday 6th OR 
    Friday 13th December (another black Friday! can you believe it?)
    We'll confirm date closer to the event - but this will definitely be end of year Christmas theme

The 'Rules'

These are free-to-enter events with friendly competition and the chance to win one of three prizes. 

We don't want to bog the proceedings down with a whole bunch of Ts and Cs - instead we'll keep it as simple as possible:

  • Register in Zoom and Kahoot! with your proper name; the same across both (First name and last name initial ok for Kahoot! nickname)
  • The answers are final and there are no rights of appeal or discussion
  • Skills Education reserves the right to alter or withdraw anything about these events at any time
  • Prizes are for the top three scorers on the day
  • Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash or anything else
  • Prizes are as offered and communicated to the winners on the day. There is no guarantee of a consistency in monetary value of prizes event-to-event

Other Notes FYI

  • You do not need a Skills Education account to register
  • No 'certificate' is issued
  • These are live events - please only register if you can make it on the day to play
  • Spaces are limited to 400
  • No recording replays available
  • If you're a TAE trainer - feel free to invite your students
  • If you're studying TAE - feel free to join
  • Questions may include those about:
    • Training 
    • Education
    • Learning
    • Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector information (history, current, incoming)
    • Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
    • General knowledge
    • Event theme trivia

How to Play

  • Join the Zoom webinar session to see and hear the trivia presenter and to get the Kahoot! game PIN
  • Go to kahoot.it and enter the unique game PIN. Please note: You will need need two windows open (or a second  device); one to watch Zoom, one to play the Kahoot! quiz
  • Answer the quizzes as they come up; watch the live leader board and strive to stay on top. The key is to answer correctly and quickly
  • Depending on the number of questions in each quiz, expect events to run between 30-60 mins
  • If, at the end of the game, you're in the top three, you'll be asked to stay on the line to get your prize 😊

These events are offered as complimentary (no cost to registrants) and Skills Education anticipates the events and prizes are accepted in the spirit they are offered

What People are Saying

What a fun way it was to start my holiday break

Absolutely loved it

Was a lot of fun and I learned a lot too!

A fantastic start to the holiday season!

Certainly some light hearted fun with a bit of TAE seriousness thrown in!

I had soooo fun much - can't wait until the next one

This is making my heart race hahaha it's good stress :)

We're clearly not competitive at ALL haha

WOOHOO!! Gotta love a PD snap

Loved it - definitely need to brush up on things!!!!

Thank you so much! That was so fun :)

How can I invite my students?!

Congrats Corner 🏆 🥇 🥈 🥉

Event: It's a Leap Year Feb 2024

Event: Christmas TAE Matters 2023

  • First Place: Michelle C - $50 gift card
  • Second Place: David M - 3 months free access to Education Matters
  • Third  Place: Michelle O'K - choice of 1 x free recording from the PD Library (selection = Writing Reliable Benchmarks)
  • Runners-up:
    • 4th - Cindy / 5th - Allison WM