"Evidence presented for assessment is consistently interpreted and assessment results are comparable irrespective of the assessor conducting the assessment" 

- Principle of Assessment, Reliability, Table 1.8-1 Standards for RTOs 2015

When it comes to assessment marking guides, there's a lot to consider about their design and functionality for end users.  

One of the key components of a marking guide is the benchmark responses meant to guide assessors - across time and across groups - to be consistent in decisions made on evidence presented.  

Quality of benchmarks need to paint a picture for assessors of what will constitute a satisfactory response from a student. And they need to be available for a range of assessment instruments, not just knowledge questions!

This session will explore:

  • Why a marking guide has to give sufficient guidance for assessors - and how to do this

  • How to build parameters for what constitutes a satisfactory response

  • Using language to craft meaningful assessment benchmarks

  • Types of benchmarks to supply for different types of assessment tasks

  • Why “responses may vary” on its own is not a great benchmark to have in your marking guide - and how it can be improved

Other Details:

Recorded - June 2022

Duration - Approx. 65 mins

Access - 30 days from date of purchase

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"I loved how this session showed the importance of 'language' and how it can give fabulous direction"

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Michelle Charlton

As the Principal of her organisation, Michelle works with her team to provide specialised VET and RTO support services including:

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Michelle is an experienced presenter and facilitator, a qualified trainer and assessor, and has industry qualifications and experience in project management, leadership and management, training and education, and business operations. 

She holds tertiary qualifications in Psychology, Adult and Vocational Education, and Training and Development.

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