Take this self-paced short course learning program with quiz activities to test your understanding about how to create an assessment mapping document

It covers:

  • Compliance and quality reasons to have a well constructed, accurate and precise mapping document

  • How to navigate the national register of VET to find/confirm the unit information

  • The difference between a training package unit and accredited course unit

  • What to include from the unit in your mapping document

  • Suggestions for logical, clear layout of the mapping matrix

  • Steps to create the mapping document for your assessment 

Assessment mapping - done well - is a vital component of an RTO's quality and compliance approach.


This is a self-paced learning event - within the registration period, access the content and activities as it suits you. All registrants receive a complimentary checklist tool to download.

Registration grants access to all course resources for 14 days. Certificate is issued for PD recording purposes.

Course Information

  • 1


    • What you get in this short course

    • Accessing content in this course

  • 2


    • How to view the recordings with captions

    • How to Create an Assessment Mapping Document

    • Navigating TGA for unit information

    • 1 What is mapping?

    • 2 Reasons for a precise mapping document

    • 3 Overview of the steps

    • 4 Step 1 - Getting the information needed - What are we mapping?

    • 5 Step 2 - Getting the information needed - Source the tools

    • 6 Step 3 - Source unit information

    • 7 Step 4 - Transcribe the source information

    • 8 Step 5 - Logical layout

    • Setting up the mapping document

  • 3

    Links and Recap

    • Handy links

    • Checklist to download

    • Recap on important points

  • 4

    Test Your Knowledge

    • What do you need to create your map?

    • The importance of precision and accuracy

    • What is mapping?

  • 5


    • How did you go?