Take this short course to learn basic statistical terms and steps relevant to calculating the random sample required for validation of assessment judgements

It covers:

  • Definitions of key terms - understand what you're working with when it comes time to calculate the sample required for validation of assessment judgements  

  • Examples of what is a 'population' versus a 'sample' 

  • How to apply the definitions in the context of meeting the requirements in the Standards for RTOs 2015  

  • The steps to calculate a statistically valid sample

  • How to generate a random sample

As part of the learning, there are a number of quiz questions to confirm understanding of the content in this short course.


This is a self-paced learning event - within the registration period, access the content and activities as it suits you. 

Registration grants access to all course resources for 14 days. Certificate is issued for PD recording purposes.

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"This short course is excellent! Easy to follow and navigate" 

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Course Information

  • 1


    • What you get in this short course

    • Accessing content in this course

  • 2


    • How to view the recordings with captions

    • Full recording - Statistical sampling

    • Key terms - Population

    • Key terms - Sampling

    • Key terms - Sample

    • Key terms - Random sample

    • Key terms - Error level

    • Key terms - Confidence level

    • Key terms - Statistically valid

    • Step 1 - Know the population

    • Step 2 - Use the calculator

    • Step 3 - Generate the random sample

  • 3

    Links and recap

    • Handy links

    • Recap on important points

  • 4

    Test Your Knowledge

    • Definitions

    • Selecting the sample for validation

    • Random sampling

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    • How did you go?