Quality Systems & Compliant Operations

The Standards for RTOs 2015 made under the NVR Act 2011 requires that any business registered by the National VET Regulator will meet compliance obligations as detailed in the legislative instrument.

The onus is on the RTO to maintain a quality system that aligns with requirements and this will span all facets of its operations.

When it comes to understanding and meeting RTO compliance requirements, we have a range of courses that deal with everyday practices and offer solutions to common compliance issues.

Tools to support RTO Compliance Teams

  • TAS Template

    Use the framework in this template to build a comprehensive training and assessment strategy (TAS) document

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  • Transition Plan Template

    Use this tool to guide necessary actions your RTO must take when a training package is updated

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  • Continuous Improvement

    Template to capture and record feedback for action as part of your RTO's self-assurance activities

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Compliance Templates & Tools for your RTO

See the range of materials, templates and tools that can be used straight away in your RTO's quality system.

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