Where we can find data for improvement and what to do with it when found - and what gaps exist in terms of compliance for an RTO

All RTOs are required to collect and report data from students. Many RTOs collect and analyse feedback from stakeholders and some implement improvements to their offerings based on that feedback.

There is, however, another step that needs to be taken in the continuous improvement process (and for compliance reasons too).

Casey will share:

  • What she commonly sees in RTOs at audit
  • What is seen in Good RTOs
  • What is seen in EXCELLENT RTOs

This session will showcase a real-life 'disaster' of a process, how this impacted RTO operations and why, although continuous improvement data was being collected, compliance with requirements in the Standards was not being met.

Join this session to learn how to close the loop in your RTO and improve the effectiveness of the compliance system. Explore how to get data from the RTO's processes around:

  • Marketing and recruitment
  • Enrolment
  • Support and progression
  • Training and assessment
  • Completions
  • Regulatory compliance and governance

This is a session where you can:

  • Take a deep dive into a continuous improvement framework
  • Find out what the common mistakes RTOs are making with their continuous improvement frameworks (and how to avoid them in your RTO)
  • Learn ways to ensure you continuous improvement framework is IMPROVING your business, not just creating more admin work!


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This Session

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    2. Session Feedback

    3. Final Steps

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