How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

How do you manage transitioning training package products? One planned project step at a time!

This session runs through a typical transition plan to cover key considerations for an RTO (and staff) when training packages are updated.

It covers information that is topical for the VET sector right now and answers common questions that come up in relations to changing training package products - confirm you have all bases covered in what can be a significant body of work for RTOs.

Other Details:

Recorded - December 2021

Duration - Approx. 70 mins

Access - 30 days


Past Feedback:

Here's what others who watched this session had to say:

"A great reminder about compliance required - I'll be making sure all trainers and assessors see this"

"This was great! Probably the best webinar I've been to in a while"

"Bracing myself for 2022 transition but definitely feel more prepared - thank you Michelle!"

"Thanks so much Michelle, it is always a valuable learning experience"

"Great session, Michelle. Solid information given in a clear and structured way using simple language. Thank you"

"Provided good examples to understand the content"

"Clear, succinct information presented in a logical sequence"