It's the reason you teach but it cannot be taught - LEARNING

You cannot make someone learn. You can only provide the right environment to support learning. Uncover the PROSPER framework in this session and how you can use it to support the learning process.

Learning is also a complex process which needs to be facilitated and adjusted to support individual learner needs, while still meeting the required training outcomes.

To do this, an understanding of the learning process and how to apply adult learning principles to support this process, is needed. 

It’s also important to know your learners’ strengths and weaknesses so you can incorporate the right learning design strategies which allow your students to:

  • Comprehend and retain the right information and skills

  • Become self-directed learners

Hear from experienced facilitator, Allison Miller, about:

  • Using the Adult Learning Principles to provide an effective learning environment

  • Strategies to get to know your learners better so you can determine the right comprehension and retention strategies 

  • How to embed learning activities which enable students to become self-directed learners

Effective skills to facilitate learning are required as part of the ‘DEL’ units in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and this session will provide an excellent opportunity to refresh knowledge and practice in this area.

Participants will also be provided with a Strategies for Facilitating Learning Checklist.  

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Part of a series - Facilitating Learning.

Other Details:

  • Recorded - March 2022

  • Duration - Approx. 60 mins

  • Access - 30 days from date of purchase

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