Training online is different to face-to-face and educators need to know how to facilitate in a digital environment

Gilly Salmon’s 5 Stages of eFacilitation is a tried and tested model which has the essential steps to successfully facilitate online training. 

It ensures that the learner is ready and prepared to use the online tools before training commences.  It also incorporates active learning strategies and encourages a ‘community of learners’, which significantly increases online student engagement.

Adopting this model helps to prepare students for the real world of work as they feel confident to apply their learning beyond the online training environment.

This session will provide participants with strategies to implement the 5 Stages of eFacilitation in their online training program.

Participants will also be provided with an Implementing the 5 Stages of eFacilitation Checklist. ‘

Hear from experienced eFacilitator, Allison Miller, about:

  • What the 5 Stages of eFacilitation are and how they support effective online training

  • Understanding the strategies needed at each Stage to ensure your online training is a success 

  • How to create a training program overview using the 5 Stages of eFacilitation

Facilitating learning in an online environment is the subject of new TAE units of competency being developed to address growing industry demand for these skills. Build your own capability in eFacilitation with this session.

Participants will also be provided with the Implementing the 5 Stages of eFacilitation Checklist.  

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Part of a series - Facilitating Learning.

Other Details:

  • Recorded - March 2022

  • Duration - Approx. 60 mins

  • Access - 30 days from date of purchase

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