The NCVER 'Good Practice Guide' on Teaching Digital Skills tells us "... digital skills adoption and utilisation is needed to facilitate and support the digital skills capability development of VET educators..."

Together with information out of the AISC and the Joyce Report, and general sector trends, it is categorically understood that all Certificate IV TAE graduates must have good digital literacy skills. They need to have them to complete their own job function but importantly, to ensure all VET trainers are equipped with the 'new basic skillset' known as digital skills

So, how do we ensure this critical skill set is being developed in all our students?

This one hour session with Allison Miller asks (and answers) the following key points:

  • Why worry about developing digital literacy for Cert IV TAE students?
  • What are the digital literacy skills Cert IV TAE students need to graduate with?
  • What technology skills do trainers need?
  • How do we pre-empt digital literacy gaps in potential Cert IV TAE students?
  • What strategies can we use to develop digital literacy skills in students?

Whilst framed in consideration of the skills trainers of trainers need to know and pass on, this session is packed with relevant information for all VET trainers. It also gives more than ten practical strategies you can implement today to support the development of students' digital literacy skills!

This is a must have PD session for TAE industry currency

Participants will be provided with a Guide to developing Certificate IV TAE students’ digital literacy skills  

Part of a series - Trainer Digital Literacy Skills at Work

Other Details:

Recorded - May 2022

Duration - Approx. 60 mins

Access - 30 days from date of purchase (*annual for PD Library Pass, Education Matters PRO and Elite subscribers)

Past Feedback:

Here's what others who watched this session had to say:

"Great to see what tools I can use to help develop students' digital literacy skills"

"Linking things currently being done in training - such as using Kahoot! - to digital literacy was helpful"

"Allison modelled the behaviours to use"

"Great session - thank you for sharing all those links and tools that I can start exploring and using right away!"

"Fantastic session with lots of food for thought"

Session presenter