RTO Compliance Tips

The role of an RTO administrator is crucial and like any job, there’s doing it, and doing it effectively.

RTO administration includes touchpoints across student enrolment, student files, AQF certification documentation issuance and data management, and this role plays an important part in the overall compliance of an RTO.

Understand what makes an effective RTO administrator and why it is important to know how to complete various tasks in the context of a compliance framework.

These programs are for new RTO administrators or those who want a refresher on working within the compliance context of the VET sector.

Tools to support RTO Administrators

  • Compliance checklist for AQF Certificates

    Use this tool to confirm you are issuing AQF Certification Documentation in line with compliance requirements

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  • Compliance checklist for marketing materials

    Ensure the information provided through various channels meets the minimum compliance requirements

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  • Course Monitoring Survey

    If your RTO delivers an Accredited Course, there must be a monitoring and evaluation process in place (Standards for VAC 2021 - 10.15)

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Compliance Templates & Tools for your RTO

See the range of materials, templates and tools that can be used straight away in your RTO's quality system.

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