Are your young VET learners equipped to thrive in their studies and beyond?

Help your young VET learners master the art of "learning how to learn"

This powerful webinar guides you, the educator, on empowering your young learners to become confident, self-directed masters of their studies.

Why is this crucial?

  • Young learners often lack the experience to develop independent learning skills.
  • Their motivation might be external, leading to disengagement.
  • The solution? Explicitly teach meta-cognitive skills (aka "learning how to learn").

In this session, you'll discover:

  • The magic of meta-cognition: How it fuels effective learning.
  • Teaching strategies that unlock learner potential.
  • Tailored approaches for diverse learning styles.
  • Practical tips to integrate meta-cognitive learning into your program.

By the end, you'll be able to:

  • Explain the transformative power of meta-cognition.
  • Implement engaging strategies to develop these skills.
  • Adapt your teaching to meet individual needs.
  • Witness your young learners flourish as confident, successful learners.

Bonus: All registrants receive a complimentary Guide to developing young VET learners' 'learning how to learn' (aka meta-cognitive) skills

Think about whether your young VET learners are sailing through their studies, or struggling to stay afloat?

Equip them with the lifelong superpower of knowing how to learn, and watch them thrive. Don't wait! Invest in your young learners' future and register today!

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Here's what others who watched this session had to say:

  • I really enjoyed this webinar, looking forward to the next in the series. Gave me a lot of knowledge to use in my future training
  • It was a great session  Allison, and I always look forward to your webinars and thanks Michelle and Skills Education for making this available to us
  • Got some great ideas on how to involve learners in designing their learning strategies
  • I've got some great ideas for getting learners to think about how they learn and reflect on what works and what doesn't - will embed this in reflective sessions and end of workshop evaluation
  • Gave excellent teaching and learning strategies and great examples from different industry sectors so we could understand how it applies
  • Thank you Skills Education for this great PD event to enable us to maintain industry currency for TAE

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