What type of quiz question can I make with this? See how to identify what types of information can be used to create great assessment quizzes

How To… sessions are short and to the point. 

When it comes to designing assessments - to either check learning and progress as formative tests, or to assess understanding as a summative assessment, there are plenty of avenues from which we can source quality, relevant information. The trick is to know from where, and once found, what type of question the information can be used to develop.

How to... find information to form the basis of quiz questions

How to... analyse that information to decide what type of quiz you can make from it

Multiple choice?

Drag and drop?


Hot spot? 

Something else?

Join this session to get useful ideas for how to:

  • Discover the types of information that can be used to create quiz questions and where this information could be
  • Evaluate different information sources to determine what type of questions can be created 

See the process of interpreting existing information and analysing its suitability to create different types of quizzes

Quizzes add engagement, interactivity, and dare we say it...fun!... to a learning program. Allison suggests a few ways to make your quizzes pop:

  • Beat the teacher
  • Make the right move
  • Chat Quiz Blitz
  • You be the quizzer
  • Quiz combo
  • Debate the answer

This session will show a process that is suitable for use regardless of whether your RTO is using an online platform or ‘hard copy’ tools.

This How To… session is expected to run for about 30mins; up to 45mins with general Q&A. It focuses on how to source and identify information suitable for developing assessment quiz questions. 

Other Details:

Recorded - February 2023

Duration - Approx. 35 mins

Access - 30 days from date of purchase

Past Feedback:

Here's what others who watched this session had to say:

"I'm going to check out the AI tip - thanks for that!"

"Really useful to see how the content I would be researching anyway can be applied in a different way"

"I can see now that quizzes go beyond just multiple choice - good to know how to use all the options"

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