Oversight of what other organisations are doing on your behalf is a must

Join this session with Ian Whitehouse as he discusses effective third-party arrangements. 

Partnerships with other organisations to deliver and assess training products can be a cost-effective and efficient business strategy. However, as the RTO issuing the AQF certification, you need to be sure that operations in the third-party organisation meet the same stringent conditions as you expect from operations in your own organisation.

Ian will look at ways to ensure your RTO establishes viable working partnerships and then maintains oversight of its compliance and quality responsibilities.

Questions that will be answered in this session include:

What does effective really mean in context of Vocational Education and Training?

What constitutes a third party in context of Vocational Education and Training?

What considerations can you take to ensure that the arrangements are likely to be effective in context of Vocational Education and Training?

What compliance considerations do you need to be mindful of in terms of Vocational Education and Training?

What types of evidence needs to be held in terms of Vocational Education and Training?

Other Details:

Recorded - February 2022

Duration - Approx. 60 mins

Access - 14 days from date of purchase


Past Feedback:

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"Thanks Ian and Michelle. This has been quite worthwhile. I'll be sure to listen to the recording again when it goes up, just to catch anything I may have missed!"

"Great information - more involved than you might realise"

"Fantastic to get insight from someone with Ian's experience - thank you"

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Ian Whitehouse

Ian is an experienced executive and currently the CEO and Managing Director of Digital Coaching and Consultancy Pty Ltd and Director of International Business for 888 Fortune Enterprise Pty Ltd.

Ian has worked in a number of other senior roles including as a Director and CEO/PEO of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Regional Manager Compliance for the Australian Skills Qualification Authority (ASQA), Accredited Business Advisor for Enterprise Services Tasmania and as a Master’s lecturer for the School of Information Systems and Computing and the Faculty of Education at the University of Tasmania.

Ian holds a number of qualifications including in Applied Computing, Education, Management and Leadership and is a Chartered Manager and Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

Contact and connect with Ian:

E: ian@digitalcoaching.com.au

W: digitalcoaching.com.au


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