Who needs a hand to get more time back?

VET teaching and assessment is time consuming - as is developing the supporting materials. And we all need a helper to expand our ideas and uplift our course materials. 

Using generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools can streamline teaching methods, enhance learning activities, and refine assessment strategies. 

In this webinar, Mick will guide you through integrating AI into your teaching practice. He’ll share:

  • Examples of how AI can generate ideas for modifying existing resources and can provide new content, case studies, scenarios, problems and questions

  • insights into deploying AI tools to complement VET teaching and assessment objectives

  • How to customise and edit AI output

 Join this session to learn more about:

  • Methods for using AI (prompting and interrogating) to generate activities to align with competency-based learning outcomes and student characteristics

  • Using AI as a helper to write interesting learner resources such as story based examples, interactive simulations, session PowerPoints, branching scenarios, virtual labs, group work ideas, guide questions and more

  • Assessment feedback

  • Validating AI information

  • Rephrasing AI information to match your teaching voice

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Session presenter