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  • Observations from a trainer delivering the 'TAE22' qualifications - What the updated training package has meant for students: pain points, happy places and everything in between

The TAE credentials for the next generation of workplace trainer/assessors are the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and TAE50122  Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

Trainer Chats

Skills Education Trainer Chats give an opportunity for community-based sharing of VET knowledge and experience for trainers by trainers

The live sessions are offered as complimentary registration.

Recordings are only available to Education Matters subscribers or via later, paid registration

Registrants will be able to trigger a Record of Participation for Trainer Chats

Trainer Chats are on Fridays at 1pm AEST (Qld time) and you can expect them to go for about 30mins plus up to 15mins for audience Q&A

Trainer Chat guest presenters have volunteered their time for the live event and to contribute to the trainer/assessor community. They may not be professional speakers but will have current insights and experiences to share

Your Guest Trainer Chat Presenter

David Murray loves supporting his students and seeing them succeed and grow. 

David is passionate about their learning outcomes and looks to add value to their development experiences by drawing on his own from across the vocational education and training, banking and finance, and sales and customer service sectors.

David is currently a senior trainer and assessor delivering qualifications from the TAE Training Package for Plenty Training (#32371).

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