Feeling like you can’t keep up with how fast your business is growing?

Many RTOs grow very quickly – be it turnover, staff or students – and when this happens without first developing and implementing the necessary strategy and essential systems for success, a few things can happen:

  • Staff start to feel overwhelmed with everything they have to now do

  • Mistakes happen

  • Deadlines get missed

  • Compliance becomes a four letter word

  • Turnover can great even if cash flow is not

Growing your RTO business should be a planned strategy rather than it happening by default or ‘good luck’.  If you’re unsure about how to grow your RTO in a sustainable way and the way you want, or you are in the midst of growth and are starting to feel like it’s getting a bit much to handle in a day, this practical and straight talking presentation is for you.

You will discover:

  • 5 common mistakes when growing your RTO

  • Where your RTO sits in the 4 phases of growth

  • Why growing is not always the best strategy

  • 7 essential decisions to consider before growing your RTO

  • 3 simple strategies to manage your RTO whilst growing rapidly

Included in the registration for this session are:

  • Participant handouts
  • Access to a recording of the session for 30 days
  • Record of Participation

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About your presenter

Tamara Simon

Tamara Simon is the founder of Take Another Look, which is the place for professional development which isn't about compliance!

She is also Australia's Only Dedicated RTO Business Coach totally focused on providing professional development and support to people who have roles where they need to manage - people, processes and/or businesses. As part of this, Tamara runs the RTO Business Club targeted at helping RTO Owners and CEOs manage their growing RTO business to create sustainable enterprises.

Tamara is all about the HOW so her sessions are known for practical ideas you can immediately implement and some tough love when needed. 

Her energy and understanding of the challenges and unique considerations for anyone running an RTO as they manage time, staff, systems and compliance AND growing the business is evident in her stories and ability to problem solve on the go.

With 24 years of VET and business management experience including FITAB’s CEO, Tamara’s mantra is “if you don’t like compliance and don’t like change, then don’t work for an RTO or be one”.

Tamara has provided numerous firsts for the VET sector including:

  • Her acclaimed RTO business book: The Five Little RTO Pigs
  • RTO Grow - Australia’s Only PD Program providing information and tools to manage and grow an RTO business (12 modules)
  • RTO Business Club - This club is for anyone who:
    • owns an RTO
    • runs an RTO
    • wants to own or run an RTO

Tamara’s leadership was recognised as a Queensland Finalist in the Telstra Young Business Women’s Awards and IML’s Excellence Awards; and receiving QITC’s ‘Leadership in VET’ Award.

Contact and connect with Tamara:

E: tamara@takeanotherlook.com.au

W: takeanotherlook.com.au


Facebook  |  RTO Business Group on LinkedIn  |  Twitter - @TheBSI4U