Did you know that ‘Foundation Skills’ are more than just what’s in the FSK units? And ‘literacy’ has extended beyond the traditional understanding of being able to read and write?

In fact, in order to be able to successfully engage with basic, everyday tasks, people need to have literacies in a number of areas, including technology. 

Unfortunately, nearly half of the Australian population do not have the literacy score nominated as the minimum required to meet the complex demands of daily work and life.

This critical session takes a look at the background to Australia’s National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults by acknowledging various adult literacy studies such as ALL, IALS and PIAAC. 

It then examines some of the reasons for the National Strategy and unpacks the components to comprise Foundation Skills; the Core Skills for Work (CSfW) framework and the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF).  In doing so, a refresher on the key features and purpose of the CSfW and ACSF will be given.  

Finally, the webinar will address Foundation Skills in the VET context including a brief overview of applying the FSK unit requirements in practice.


Topics Covered:

  • Adult literacy requirements and studies

  • Australia’s performance in key assessments of adult literacies and competencies 

  • National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults 

  • Components to comprise Foundation Skills

  • Foundation Skills in VET

  • Working with training products from the FSK Training Package


Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of the background to Australia’s National Foundation Skills Strategy

  • A refresher on the Core Skills for Work framework and the Australian Core Skills Framework

  • Clarification on where ‘LLN’ fits in

  • A brief example of how to address FSK unit of competency requirements in practice 


Other Details:

  • Recorded - March 2021

  • Duration - Approx. 60 mins

  • Access - 14 days from date of purchase

Past Feedback:

Here's what others who watched this session had to say:

  • Excellent webinar. Great information for those unfamiliar with topic and perfect reminder of those familiar with topic
  • A lot of information added into this session - key and important to have access to 
  • This was a fantastic refresher and update on foundation skills in the VET system. I got exactly what I was hoping for from this session
  • Very informative and the current stats on the topic very important to be aware of

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