So much more than 'PDF-ing' and putting existing content ‘online’!

Building effective digital assessments requires understanding:

  • Our learners' characteristics

  • Learning outcomes

  • Assessment rules and principles

  • The technology we want to use, and 

  • Assessment types. 

And, it all begins with writing.

Join this session with Mick Gwyther for tips, tools, and techniques for effective online assessment. 

He'll cover the assessment basics in a variety of learning environments. Plus, strategies to reinforce course content.

Know more about key practices including:

  • Creating instructions and providing learner feedback

  • Extending quizzing through scenarios, branching trees and content tools

  • Gathering skills performance evidence

  • Placement opportunities

  • Third-party checklists and reports

  • Group work projects

  • Virtual classroom assessment

  • Collaboration, sharing resources and peer review

  • How AI tools can help with feedback and assessment ideas

Past Feedback:

Here's what others who watched a version of this session had to say:

  • "Really great and informative webinar - thanks Mick”
  • "Good point that digital assessment does not need to be 'whiz bang' - we can still use some relatively simple tools to assist our students and processes"
  • "Thanks! Great resources/links"
  • "Thought provoking"

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