Sooo many options! Why wouldn’t you want to incorporate video in your educator’s toolkit?

You can apply video to:

  • Demonstrate skills

  • Capture assessment evidence

  • Explain equipment

  • Make case studies and scenarios

  • Conduct interviews 

  • Explain assessment tasks

This is a session that will show how to make educational videos. We'll explore tips on making video an active learning tool and work through editing and publishing options to prepare your creation for your students.

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Determine the role video can play in your training

  • Evaluate samples of video for learning

  • Plan and shoot a video learning sequence

  • Create screencasts

  • Edit the video, and add effects and titles using mobile apps 

  • Export video for a variety of devices or platforms

  • Publish to YouTube

  • Scaffold from video into a student activity to reinforce learning

  • Review current possibilities for generating video with AI


Past Feedback:

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  • "I really appreciate how simple you have made it"
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  • "Thank you so much"
  • "Haven't used video before but looking really forward to it!"
  • "What a great session. Thanks so much Mick!!"
  • "The presenter, the content and just the flow of the webinar were great"
  • "I always have to watch recordings due to workload and time of day of the live sessions but am so grateful that even a recording can be engaging and formulate so many ideas for my work moving forward"

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