Want to know how to develop RPL Toolkits that make assessors, employers & candidates happy?

ü Need a better way to facilitate the recognition of existing staff skills than having them 'offline' for extended periods of training and assessment time?

ü As an assessor, tired of sifting through mountains of supplied documents looking for the ones that are relevant?

ü Want to know how to develop RPL tools that truly support the candidate - even if they don't have documents as evidence?

The Advanced RPL Assessor course shows an easier, more user-friendly option for developing RPL tools and processes


What we know:

ü Potential candidates for RPL are often dissuaded from pursing a recognition pathway and end up feeling frustrated and like "it'll just be easier to do the course" - despite already having the knowledge and experience required

ü Many existing practices rely on the candidate to interpret the unit or evidence requirements themselves to figure out what is needed for their submission portfolio

ü Assessors (and RTOs) who can streamline recognition processes and provide guided support to candidates on navigating RPL will be in high-demand as industry looks to fill skills shortages

ü There is only a small percentage of trainers/assessors who say they feel highly confident to assess RPL, let alone develop the tools!

ü ASQA have listed RPL as one of their regulatory risk priority themes for the 2023-24 period. 

  •  ASQA are concerned about current non-rigorous RPL practices of awarding qualifications to people without the requisite skills and competencies.
  • We're proud to offer a microcredential that specifically addresses this issue - plus so much more

Want to know what past participants have to say about the program?

Already, we've had a number of cohorts complete their Advanced RPL Assessor program. This is what they had to say about the course:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"...one of the best learnings I had from the program was why the assessor needs to take charge of the RPL process"

"...I've learnt a lot from this course. I've  gained new direction and confidence to proceed with more clarity about RPL and how we can make improvements at our RTO"

"...learning clustering as part of the course was a game changer"

"...I've gained new strategies. My boss is pleased I can offer insight on how to improve our current RPL offering"

"...the program was fantastic. I learned that not having documents doesn't necessarily mean 'no RPL for you!'..."

"...we have been used to telling candidates to go away and find their evidence. Some people don't have paperwork but that doesn't mean they don't have skills. Now I understand how to support this type of cohort"

"...the program was fantastic - it goes into depth about things I had not learned before"

"...I had Wendy as my personalised mentor during the course. Wendy is a wealth of knowledge on RPL and having her review and comment on our process was well worth doing the course to gain that overview"

Join the ranks of happy graduates, start today

Earn Recognition for Professional Practice - Advanced RPL Assessor - Microcredential

Undertake advanced, highly specialised training. 

Have your skills and knowledge to develop candidate-centred RPL tools and processes verified via assessment and on successful completion, be issued with microcredentials as professional certification of your practice as an Advanced RPL Assessor. 


This course has clustering embedded within it so on certification, you will receive one credential to recognise your capabilities in Advanced RPL, and one for your Advanced Practice - Clustering.

Why do the Advanced RPL Assessor Credential?

ü Build knowledge, enhance existing assessment design and development skills, learn how to create RPL Toolkits that are easier to use, sought-after by industry and inline with world's best-practice

ü Get your expertise in this area verified via assessment and earn a certification recognising your professional practice

ü Course content developed by an internationally- and nationally-recognised expert in RPL - learn from the best

ü The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is an entry-level qualification not specifically targeted to a specialist focus like RPL - take this opportunity to drill down into a focused, highly specialised area of practice

Key considerations

ü This microcredential program is not a qualification nor is it linked to a TAE Statement of Attainment

It does, however, cover a gap in the TAEASS514 - namely, how to address varying needs of candidates and build a toolkit and RPL process that will address those, irrespective of whether the candidate has access to a workplace, to workplace documentation and/or any other documentation. Therefore, the program is ideal to supplement TAE unit competencies with content that is focused on practices and processes that can fill real-world demand

ü Undertake this program with one-on-one mentor support from an experienced RPL assessor and program developer

ü Access video content and eBook material, peer discussion groups, and formative quiz activities as you progress

ü Have your assessment reviewed and verified by a real person – not an automark and not in a ‘tick and flick’ process

Who is this course for?

ü Experienced trainers/assessor who want to build on their accredited training and further their knowledge and skills in RPL

ü Compliance managers who need to embed candidate-centred processes into their assessment systems

ü Compliance staff who need to understand the process and who need to develop tools to address varying needs of diverse RPL candidates

ü Instructional designers/assessment writers who have experience developing assessment tools and want to expand their expertise into the development of valid, flexible RPL Toolkits

ü Organisation staff looking for an easier way to conduct RPL

ü Enterprise RTOs and industry-facing RTOs who need efficient systems to formally recognise existing skills of workers

ü Anyone interested in knowing how to make RPL an evidence-generating, rather than simply an evidence-gathering, process

What can I expect to achieve in the Advanced RPL Assessor?

The Advanced RPL Assessor program will build on your assessment development experience and further develop your understanding and skills to:

  • Confidently design and develop clustered RPL assessment tools and supporting resources
  • Identify the RPL candidate's needs according to the level of workplace documentation and support they have access to as part of their claim for RPL 
  • Tailor required resources according to the candidate's circumstances
  • Ensure all developed RPL materials support an assessment process that is assessor-led and candidate-centred

For people undertaking certification as recognition for their professional practice, the following will also apply:

To be awarded a microcredential, you must successfully complete an assessment according to the stipulations listed:

  • Design and develop a full RPL Toolkit aligned to the candidate-centred philosophy and that:
    • Is suitable for a non-employer-supported candidate
    • Clusters two (2) units of competency at AQF level 3 or above
    • Is aligned to the vocational area in which you work

  • The RPL Toolkit will be inclusive of:
    • Candidate version of assessment 
    • Assessor version of assessment - inclusive of benchmarks, exemplars, rubrics etc
    • Pre-mapping matrix
    • Mapping document
    • Other documents as required for the candidate-centred non-employer-support process

Assessments will be reviewed and verified by CatoHR Assessors as recognised experts in the field of RPL.

What do I have to do?

Already completed the learning? 

If you have substantial experience or have already undertaken the learning linked to developing candidate-centred RPL tools for use in various environments and circumstances of candidate-support, you may decide to undertake certification via assessment only. 

In the assessment-only pathway for this microcredential, you still have access to mentoring support if you feel you might need assistance or guidance to develop your assessment materials. 

Not interested in doing the assessment? 

Just after PD for advanced practitioner concepts? The Learning Program offers the same content and support as the 'Learn and Assess Certification Program' but without the need to complete any assessment activity. 

Please note that while this option is an excellent PD opportunity, it does not lead to certification as recognition of your professional practice. On successful completion of the Learning Program, to recognise your efforts, you will be issued with a digital badge and you can trigger a personalised certification as a record of your participation. If you successfully complete the training in the Learning Program and decide at a later date you would like to be certified, you can enrol in the Certification Program; Assessment only, or Learn and Assess pathway.

Click on the image below to be taken to the Advanced RPL Assessor Learning Program where you can read more and enrol

Other options

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Ts and Cs

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Something new to consider

All alumni of the Advanced RPL Assessor programs are automatically included in the new Australian Community of Learning and RPL - RPL Matters

RPL Matters is open for separate individual enrolment too. See the Community of Learning page for more information and to subscribe