Managing an RTO is about business and people

Time - Money - Productivity - Profit - Systems - Processes - People

All of the working parts in any business, let alone one in a regulated environment like RTO-land, need to come together smoothly to realise return on investment.

And sometimes, business owners can be so overrun with busy-ness that they don't have time for business.

Browse the RTO Management sessions for great reminders and tips for practical strategies to manage people, time and opportunities to grow and succeed.

Tools to support RTO Managers

  • Checklist for Complaints and Appeals

    Use this tool to confirm you have policies and procedures in line with minimum compliance requirements

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  • Choosing a VET consultant

    Weigh up the risk to your RTO in terms of who you select to provide consultancy service and advice for the business

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  • Course Monitoring Survey

    If your RTO delivers an Accredited Course, there must be a monitoring and evaluation process in place (Standards for VAC 2021 - 10.15)

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Compliance Templates & Tools for your RTO

See the range of materials, templates and tools that can be used straight away in your RTO's quality system.

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