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As educators in the VET sector, dealing with adult learners is part of our everyday, but how often do we ‘see’ our students?

Adult learners bring increased complexity to the classroom – not only have they likely made a conscious choice to be there, they definitely bring their life experiences and current circumstances and require a different approach to instruction.

Join learning and assessment specialist Michelle Charlton as she shares a refresher on the unique challenges and motivations of adult learners and how to pitch your content so it meets the least resistance from students.

This session explores the concepts of andragogy, its assumptions as a process model, and the educator’s role in this type of approach. It will also cover the differences between pedagogy and andragogy and introduce a level beyond both on the learning continuum.

Participants will have opportunities to reflect on their role in delivering learning in a changing world with changing needs.

Topics Covered:

  • The difference between pedagogy and andragogy
  • Revisit of adult learning principles
  • Brief exploration of the ‘Continuum of Choice’

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discussion on why a content model is outdated when it comes to adult learners and they ways they learn best
  • Assumptions of andragogy
  • A refresh on the characteristics of adult learners

Your Presenter:

Michelle Charlton is an experienced presenter and facilitator, a qualified trainer and assessor, and has industry qualifications and experience in project management, leadership and management, training and education, and business operations.

She combines her love of learning and problem-solving with her qualifications in Psychology, Adult and Vocational Education, and Training and Development. 

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Other Details:

  • Recorded - November 2020
  • Duration - Approx. 45 mins
  • Access - 14 days from date of purchase

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