Part of a series on best practices to enhance delivery and assessment in the online space - suitable for HE and VET

Reimagining Learning and Assessment

How can we nurture citizens of integrity, engage learners and equip them with the skills to thrive in the evolving working environment?

With the pivot to remote and hybrid learning, the need to rethink and reimagine learning and assessments has become a priority. Transforming current teaching and learning practices requires the iterative approach of learning experience design, towards creating more authentic forms of assessments while maintaining the integrity and efficacy of our programs.

These sessions are designed to educators, including those in the vocational education space, to begin the process of reimagining the learning experience of learners, with the aim of engaging students in active learning, motivating them to complete assessments that mimic real life examples, and fostering a culture of academic integrity.

This four-part webinar series provides an opportunity to explore the following;

  1. Learning experience design - best practices for enhancing learning in the online space
  2. Authentic assessment design - best practices for active learning
  3. Online and remote assessments - best practices for enhancing security and integrity
  4. Feedback design - best practices for effective feedback in assessments

This program is for anyone who is exploring principles of learner engagement in the online space, and those looking to rethink and reimagine learning and assessments while retaining learning outcomes.

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In the context of the student learning journey and formative assessment, what we’ll cover in this session

  1. What constitutes authentic assessment (as in realistic)?
  2. Understanding assessment design decision frameworks.
  3. What are the key considerations when designing authentic assessments?
  4. How can formative data be used to frame exam design and curriculum?

Other Details:

Recorded - February 2022

Duration - Approx. 60 mins

Access - 14 days from date of purchase

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Lewis Hawkins

Lewis is the New Client Manager for VET/HE at Turnitin, a global company dedicated to promoting honesty, consistency and fairness across all subject areas and assessment types and meaningfully supporting students and professionals to do their best, original work.

In his role, Lewis has been actively involved with RTOs in supporting them in their integrity and assessment workflow challenges, and is well versed in the shortfalls of the sector and the ways to overcome them.


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