Best practices in ensuring academic integrity for any written assessment

Maintaining the integrity of assessments, particularly written assessment, has become a challenge for RTOs since the pivot to online and hybrid models of teaching and learning. Academic Integrity remains a crucial aspect of how we prepare students for future roles and build citizens of integrity, so how can vocational education and training secure academic integrity for written assessment in any learning environment? 

This session looks at practical solutions available to RTOs for securing academic integrity in written assessment, and ways to foster an institutional culture of integrity across students and staff.

What we’ll cover:

  • Pain points faced by RTOs when designing assessments for online delivery

  • Addressing compliance requirements for conducting effective assessment

  • Methods of investigating academic misconduct and the tools available to support academic integrity in written assessment for vocational education

  • How to use these tools to cultivate culture of academic integrity in the VET space

  • Best practice tips for streamlining assessment workflows to enhance academic integrity 

This session is ideal for anyone involved with an RTO that currently has a manual academic integrity process, or would like to know more about integrity practices and how to streamline assessment workflows to save time for trainers.

Other Details:

  • Recorded - August 2021

  • Duration - Approx. 45 mins

  • Access - 14 days  


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About your presenter

Lewis Hawkins

Lewis is the New Client Manager for VET/HE at Turnitin, a global company dedicated to promoting honesty, consistency and fairness across all subject areas and assessment types and meaningfully supporting students and professionals to do their best, original work.

In his role, Lewis has been actively involved with RTOs in supporting them in their integrity and assessment workflow challenges, and is well versed in the shortfalls of the sector and the ways to overcome them.


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