Time is money yet how often is the team stuck doing repetitive tasks?

Sometimes the necessary but time-consuming tasks remain in our day simply because there’s no understanding of a different way. Technology is great - but only when you know how to use it and not knowing can cause a barrier to the exploration and/or implementation of new and innovative approaches to workflow.

In this session with Paul Pellier, we’ll take a look at three vital but time-consuming activities your RTO compliance team can automate today.  And better yet, Paul will show the ‘how-to’ so you can set up these time-saving automations in just minutes.

Join to learn about how to:

  • Connect forms and automate anything

  • Automate continuous improvement records

  • Stay in control of compliance automations with approvals

This session is for anyone interested in streamlining RTO operations, enhancing the experience of students (and staff), saving time and dollars. 

Other Details:

Recorded - October 2021

Duration - Approx. 60 mins

Access - 14 days from date of purchase


Past Feedback:

Here's what others who watched this session had to say:

"Paul was so well prepared and really knew his stuff"

"Excellent session; thank you!"

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Paul Pellier

Paul is the founder and Managing Director of Accellier, an RTO with over a decade of success in a range of industries, government and defence sectors.

Paul is a self-confessed nerd with a software and digital media background. He loves crafting streamlined, highly automated business systems using tech, freeing his RTO team to do what they do best; serve clients with a delightful course experience.

Contact and Connect with Paul:

E: paul@accellier.edu.au

W: accellier.edu.au

Facebook  |  LinkedIn